At Unwastify, we work towards reducing the environmental footprint of individuals. With an abundance of products available, we seek to help you make informative and eco-friendly purchase decisions and to guide you towards a sustainable lifestyle. We truly believe that it is up to individuals to prevent further environmental destruction and that we together can make a massive difference, both directly and indirectly by taking a stand, influencing governments and corporations. 

Green consumerism is not a passing hype. It’s a trend that is here to stay and we all need to get on it. We as consumers are the driving force behind the increasing environmental destruction imposed on our planet through non-environmentally friendly products. We therefore need to change our consumption-habits and embrace the fact that the power of change lies in our hands. Easily put, we need to stop buying crap, so companies will stop making crap. While it may seem difficult to lead a clean lifestyle in today’s society, it is definitely possible and we provide you with the means to do it! In our Unwastify blog, we seek to enlighten and inspire you to make those important environmentally conscious changes to your lifestyle.

To help you on your path towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we offer environmentally friendly water bottles in the attempt to eliminate single-use water bottles. All of our water bottles are made from sustainable materials, while being free from plastic and harmful chemicals. We also ship them to your door as sustainably as possible and no plastic is used in our packaging. You can therefore be assured that our bottles are not harmful to the environment or to your health. It is essential to us that you feel comfortable and safe when buying from us and we believe the best way to achieve this is through transparency. We therefore try to be as transparent as possible by providing you with as much information possible about our products so that you can be confident when making a purchase.